SEO tool that determines link quality and influence. Unlike ahrefs, semrush & majestic, the product check backlink is in real-time and alert you about negative changes.

What problems We Solve

Who needs it and why
for Link Buyers
for Link Sellers
for Webmasters
for SEO Specialists
Link Validation (Backlink Presence check)
Link Indexation Monitoring
Backlinks Quality Prooving
Backlink Monitoring
Malware Check (Google Safe Browsing)
Backlink Thematic Control
Ability to Mark Links
Spam Links Finding & Disavowing
Ability to Check Link Quality
Routine Work Automatization

Data & Data Sources We Use

We use only legit and authority data sources
Data Types
Domain Trust Flow Domain Citation Flow Domain Topic Flow Trust Flow/Citation Flow Ratio Backlink Validation (Presense Check) Link Indexation Check SSL –°hecking Server Response Load Speed Google Safe Browsing (Malware Check) Content Count Outgoing Backlinks External Backlinks Anchor Text Do Follow/No Follow (Link Attributes) Text HTML Ratio Link Depth Domain Level *Link Quality Metric *Potential Referral Influence Metric
Data Sources
Majestic Majestic Majestic Majestic + Our Algorithm Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Crawler Google API Our Crawler Our Crawler Majestic Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Crawler Our Algorithm Our Algorithm

Tools & Features

Backlinkcontrol makes data practical
Single workflow Manage, mark, and track backlinks in a single workflow. Use one tool instead of dozens of services.
Backlinks Monitoring Keep track of how your links are changing, and respond to their disappearances or changes before Google indexes them.
Disavow Generation Sort all spam links for Google Console in one instant to Avoid Google Penalty.
Reports & CSV Generators Generate reports and csv files in an instant.
Confidential Share Share details about your backlinks and prove their quality keeping your url's and domains in secret.

Our mission kick out all scam Backlinks sellers/builders from the market.